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In today’s dynamic environment, staying ahead of the curve is crucial.

Strategic Innovation+” Conference is the catalyst for business growth offering fresh insights, cutting-edge strategies, innovative business tools to thrive in this dynamic environment and revolutionize your business. Having first-hand, experiential interactions with the globe’s most brilliant minds, the very tycoons who have shaped industries and rewritten the rules of business, is a game changer. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of inspiration, knowledge sharing, and ground-breaking insights that are crucial in today’s fast-evolving business landscape. 

This is your chance to rub shoulders with the visionaries who’ve made the impossible, possible.

In a monumental Conference "Strategic Innovation," the world's top 5 innovators and strategic thinkers, the visionaries who have reshaped industries and inspired transformation on a global scale are converging in Egypt this December for an exclusive two-day live conference and workshop.

Innovation+ Event Speakers

The visionary inventor of the renowned Business Model Canvas, Bestselling Author, #4 Thinkers50, Founder & CEO of Strategyzer, and Visiting Professor at IMD is set to make his grand debut in the Middle East. He will grace the “Strategic Innovation” live conference and workshop, taking place on 12-13 December at the luxurious Dusit Thani in Egypt.

Mark is the brilliant mind behind Bain & Company’s Dallas, Texas, office, a renowned Strategy company he founded in 1990. Today, he’s the global head of Bain’s Performance Improvement Practice, with a remarkable record of advising clients in various industries. He’s a pioneer in business strategy, airline, manufacturing, and retailing practices.

Business Tycoon & Harvard Business School Faculty Member, Former Chairman & CEO of Best Buy, Former President, CEO, and Director of Carlson, Author of “The Heart of Business” and Board Member of Ralph Lauren, and Johnson and Johnson

Introducing the unmissable Strategic Innovation Conference, featuring none other than the maestro himself, Michael Lewrick, the visionary behind Deloitte Innovation Lab and the bestselling author of “Design Thinking series of books”, Award-winning Design Thinking and Business Ecosystem Design Thought Leader. His ground-breaking approach to tackling business challenges is legendary, and he’s about to share his wisdom with you.

We are thrilled to announce our star speaker, Joachim De Vos, the CEO and Founder of Innovation Lab and LivingTomorrow. He’s a visionary with vast experience in foresight, AI, and scenario planning.

Joachim De Vos has just launched his new book, “Why Innovations Fail – The 7 Keys to Success,” where he distills 27 years of knowledge and experience. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a true innovator.



You’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage with world class international speakers, and strategic thinkers who have written the business rules and transformed the global economy.

Imagine the invaluable insights you can gain from direct conversations with the tycoons of strategic thinking and innovation.
The conference will herald a brand-new era of strategic thinking, and you deserve to be on the cutting edge of this transformation.

Don’t let this golden opportunity slip by! Join us at the Strategic Innovation Conference and become an integral part of the future of business innovation.

Innovation plus innovation agenda
about nexus

NEXUS is a powerhouse for training and development that fosters innovation and ambition. Our aim is to connect Business Leaders, C-suit level, and top executives with influential thought leaders and visionaries from around the globe. Our bold promise is to ignite success in the boardrooms of Egypt’s most prestigious companies.


With a strong focus on nurturing business leadership excellence, NEXUS brings internationally recognized business tycoons, creating an environment where CEOs and executives are not only inspired but also motivated to achieve unprecedented business growth. In a country where the desert meets bustling markets, NEXUS is the leading beacon in transforming businesses in Egypt.

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